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Welcome to pomeranian spitz kennel BestPomColor

  • We help you get a loyal companion among the exclusive representatives of this beautiful breed.
  • Learn more about our unique Pomeranians get yourself a perfect life companion.
  • Trust us with choosing your new family member who will bring joy, love, and unforgettable moments into your life.

Every graduate of the kennel is our pride!

In our kennel, we invest a lot of love, time, effot and attention to raise each puppy as a true meber of a family. We provide optimal living and training conditions and continuously monitor our dogs health and wellbeing. We don't just have Pomeranians – we have little miracles that we take pride in and love wholeheartedly. Each puppy here is a source of joy and pride for our kennel.

The perfect dog for the whole family

The Pomeranian is not just a pet but a loyal friend for the whole family. Their incredible loyalty, playfulness, and affection make them ideal companions for kids, adults, and even the elderly. Pomeranians bring joy, laughter, and endless love to your home. Add one to your life, and you'll discover that a Pomeranian is a true friend ready to share every happy moment with you.

Why us?

Care conditions

All puppies are kept in spacious enclosures and have time on fresh air on a daily basis. We use only premium-grade food


All puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks


All puppies are microchipped before they go home.


We introduce your puppy to new experiences, including people, new places, and other animals, so that your puppy learns to respond appropriately and interact with others without fear


All puppies undergo all necessary vaccinations


Each puppy is regularly bathed and groomed - your pet is always clean, fresh, and beautiful

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It depends solely on your preferences. Male poms are usually more fluffy (as they do not shed their coad with hormonal cycles as girls do). They are always active, open, and responsive.
  • While ladies go in heat once or twice a year, which can cause small inconveniences, e.g. shedding or minor changes in their demeanor.
  • As for their personality — it's all individual.
  • By the way, it seems like dogs are leaning more towards to the opposite sex while choosing their owner among the family members, but it is not a rule.

  • For a pup to leave the kennel, it must be vaccinated twice, which gives us the assurance that its immune system is capable of protecting it.
  • The first vaccination is done at 8-9 weeks old (for earlier vaccination, puppies often have insufficient weight), and the second vaccination is combined with a rabies vaccination, which is given no earlier than 12 weeks.
  • Why is a booster shot important at this age? The first antibodies a puppy receives with moms milk, and as long as the puppy is suckling from its mother, maternal immunity protects it.
  • As the puppy grows, the milk loses its protective properties, so a pup relies more and more on its immune system.
  • So pups are revaccinated to build up their immune system and avoid numerous health risks.

  • If you are getting a puppy from a kennel, it comes with a metric (puppy card) indicating the puppy's origin (later it can be replaced with a pedigree).
  • Veterinary passport with marks of vaccinations and treatments for ecto and endoparasites.

  • The determining factor is health.
  • Navigate by appearance — a puppy should be active, mobile, sociable, without redness of mucous membranes, peeling, dandruff.
  • Ear shells should be pale pink, clean, and eyes clear.

  • When a puppy first appears in the house, limit the space it is allowed to wonder around.
  • Initially, you can put several pee pads, gradually reducing their number.
  • Don't scold a pup for mistakes — remember, it's still a child, and hormones play a significant role in this process.
  • With age, a puppy will understand and learn to endure.

  • Dry food is surely convenient. We suggest to opt for mixed feeding, which implies giving meat, cottage cheese, and vegetables along side dryfood.
  • What's best for your dog is whats suits YOUR dog? There is no universal best solution.
  • Diet consisting only of meat and vegetables, in our experience, does not suit everyone, while opting for only dry food has certain risks.
  • Any production failure will inevitably affect dey food's quality, so there is always a risk. It is worth to ensure variety in nutrition.
  • You can also feed with a cooked diet, which is often preferable.

  • It is better portion the food as you will know exactly how much the puppy has eaten.
  • Non restricted access to food will not enhance growth but will affect dogs digestion.

  • Of course, it is necessary! It will require time and patience, but it's worth it.
  • Invest your time and effort in training a puppy in the first year of life, which will help you to build a connection and understanding.
  • An additional benefit to that is a well-behaved dog that is appreciated by others.

  • The answer is streightforward — when you got it in your home.
  • Make the training sessions short and playfull. At first, don't let the puppy get tired so that it doesn't get bored.
  • Pomeranians are diligent and trainable at any age.

  • The harness crushes the pom's coat and can create discomfort with improper fitting.
  • If you are just training a puppy to walk outside, it is definitely worth choosing a regular leash. By its tension, the puppy will be able navigate the situations and environment.
  • A retractable leash creates constant tension, distracting a puppy and interfering with commands. An adult dog can be walked on a retractable leash.

  • The determining factor here is the size of a puppy. Can it get off the bed on its own?
  • Cases where a puppy was forgotten on the bed, and it jumped off, breaking its paw, unfortunately, are not uncommon.
  • Remember, letting a puppy into bed is easy, but breaking the habit is much harder. Think ahead.

  • Issues of this nature are resolved by a zoopsychologist- a specialist in dogs behavioral problems.
  • For my graduates, as a breeder, I always stay in touch, advise, consult, and direct them to a specialist.

How to buy?

Contact us

Write to us at VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Choose a pet or leave a request for future offspring

We will provide you with information about available puppies for reservation and tell you about the puppies we expect in the near future. You can ask us any questions regarding the appearance, character, and price of a specific puppy.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Reservation confirmation

Confirmation of your reservation is a prepayment of 10-30% of the cost (discussed individually). You can also come to us and meet the puppy in person without prior reservation.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Preparing for the journey to the family

We will send you instructions on preparing for the puppy and further care. We will also prepare the necessary documents and appoint a day for delivery/meeting.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Meeting the puppy

When the little one turns 12 weeks old, it is already vaccinated, chipped and ready to move to its new home. Delivery is done in person and is discussed individually. International delivery is possible.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Now you are a full-fledged member of the best pom color family!

We will gladly await your feedback and answer any questions you may have about caring for your new furry family member.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

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Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy