Aboud pomeranian breed

The Spitz is a companion dog belonging to the 5th group (Spitz and primitive type dogs) in the international classification.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

We all know them by harmonious proportions, beautiful, fluffy double-layered fur (guard hairs and undercoat), good health, and a lively personality.

German, Toy, Dwarf, Pomeranian and Miniature Spitz - all these names describe the German Spitz breed with height around 18-24sm and weight about 1.8-3.2kg.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Despite a common belief, not all pomeranians are red and look like foxies. There is a multitude of color variations and different patterns that make these dogs unique. In our kennel you can find poms of various rare colors as we specialise in those.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy

Spitz dogs exhibit a diverse range of colorations and fur types, adding to their distinctive charm and appeal. While white is a prevalent color among Spitz breeds, they can also be found in various shades including cream, red, orange, sable, black, and brown. Additionally, some Spitz dogs may have multi-colored coats or markings, adding to their visual allure. Their fur is typically double-layered, consisting of a dense, fluffy undercoat for insulation and a longer, coarser outer coat that helps repel water and dirt. This combination provides them with protection against harsh weather conditions, making them well-suited to colder climates. The luxurious fur of Spitz breeds requires regular grooming to maintain its beauty and health, contributing to their reputation as elegant and graceful companions.

Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy


Puppies' upbringing is important in shaping its behavior and character

  • Spitz dogs have a bright intellect. The best way to train them is by praising and rewarding them, while avoiding punishments and harsh methods.
  • Let your experience the world: introduce it to various places, people and other dogs from an early age. It will make a pup more friendly and confident in the future
  • Prioritise short but regular training sessions. Kids can be stubborn and difficult sometimes, so be patient and consistens, and your pup will surprise you
  • It is also important to introduce your dog to grooming rituals, like brushing and bathing, from an early age. This way a dog will learn to be patient and calm during the procedures
  • Don't stop training just because your dog grew up, we need both physical and mental exercises, they do too! Continuous training will maintain and reinforce good behaviour
  • Every puppy is unique, and training approaches may vary, but some things remain constant: support and encourage positive behaviour with treats and affirmation, while correct the other
  • Be mindfull about your dog's health. Make sure to visit a vet regularly (not frequently) to ensure that your dog gets all needed health check ups and vaccinations


Caring for a Pom's coat is important to maintain its health and beauty

  • Make time for the grooming rituals! Although our poms have fur that does not require complex maintenance, it is important to brush your dog at least once every two weeks to remove dead hair, prevent matting, and stimulate blood circulation
  • Bathing can be done approximately once a month or even less frequently, to preserve the natural oils in the skin. To avoid irritation use a dog shampoo
  • Depending on the type of a dog's coat and owner's preferences, you may get your dog a haircut, however, the breed in general does not require regular trimming
  • Nutrition also has a significant impact on the quality of the coat, so make sure that your dog gets a balanced diet enriched with necessary nutrients
  • Make sure to clean eyes and ears to prevent potential infections. Use gentle cleaning solutions for this purpose
  • Trim nails regularly. They may start growing into the paw pads, causing discomfort during walking
Adorable rare colored pomeranian puppy